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After an absolutely wonderful but shattering long weekend in the shop, I turned up on Tuesday with little flutterings going on.....this was the day that all the
were arriving, and arrive they did, right in the middle of a meeting, with a lovely lady called Helen (sorry Helen)!!!, it was the first time she'd met me and Nina and at the sound of the knock on the back door, Nina jumps up, squeals, claps hands and gets rather excited, as did I, although I did try to stay a bit more professional about it (Oh alright I didn't)!! But I did jump up and promptly make the guy a cup of tea...well you have to look after these men, don't you.
So the last two days have been hard work, getting it all checked, priced and on display, and that we did, boy, we're getting good at these impossipuzzles :)
So what do we have.....Well there's the rather lush goodies from Heidi Swapp, I had a quick play today with the Invisibles and Mega Masks....well one has to try the products d…