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Today we went to Milwaukee. It's a really lovely city, quite small as far as cities go and very clean :) :) it was the weekend they were celebrating Bastille Day and a large area was closed off for a market and various entertainment. I stood and listened to this jazz singer, her voice was absolutely amazing, you know the type that gives you goose bumps !! Anyhoo's we trotted around the market and brought a few wares :) then had lunch .... I know it's the dairy State but oh boy the have soooooo much cheese on everything.
We then moved on to the Harley Davidson Museum and to be honest I'm not really into bikes, but WOW what a fab place it was really interesting, the earliest bike dated back to 1903, not quite like the ones they have today !!
Sorry to say to you guys, but the weather is rather gorgeous here, so we went and sat by the harbour and just relaxed having drinks and chatting the day away. Dinner was in a great little restaurant called Charlie 'O' s reall…