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In paradise...seriously it's soooooo gorgeous here !!
Today we went to the island of what a beautiful place !!! The sun was shining, the temp was 75 and we sat on the sidewalk in a lovely little cafe enjoying a rather mahoosive banana nut muffin.... Sorry, but we'd devoured it then realised we hadn't taken a photo LOL. !!
Then we took a stroll on the beach, it was a bit crowded ....
Ricky's showing off his camera skills. Eat your heart out Kirsty LOL !!!
Then we done a bit of rock pooling, this took us both back to childhood memories, unfortunately we only found one little, and I emphasise the word little, hermit crab !!! But I did get this shot....hope you appreciate it, it only took about 15mins to get the right wave, poor ruck nearly fell asleep :) :)
Now we know a post from the States isn't complete without another foodie shot, and this one was taken in Phil's B B Q. It was served on a 32" tray...yes I said 32" !!! And filled with…