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Showing posts from July 20, 2011


Well .... That's the first day of the show over :( :(
Whilst it's quite a small show, there's some fabbi product out there and we've got it coming to YOU!!!
I'm really excited about bringing you the TRENDS series of magazines, well, I say magazines quite loosely, really they're books and in my opinion probably the BEST books the U.S has to offer... #excited !!!

We're going to have them at a great price and if you subscribe you're going to get an even BETTER price...oh I can't wait for these to arrive!!
Here's a few little snippets of show inspiration .... Just for you :)

MME go pinwheel crazy...

Maya Road shows their creativity on a life size dress form...

Jilli Bean Soup's booth.... So much yumminess...

A few simple cards from JBS ... Love it !!!

Zipper flowers... All the rage, I've taken a video of this being made, I'll try and upload it later, it's not playing ball at the mo :(

Oh come on ..... I couldn't NOT show some cupcakes …