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Yes, I did say SEX, PIZZA and TWIDDLEYBITS...... the SEX was Sex in the City, the PIZZA was Dominoes and the TWIDDLEYBITZ, well...... the TWIDDLEYBITS are GORGEOUS NEW YUMMIES from AUSTRALIA and BOY are they YUMMY, the CHRISTMAS TREES are to die for and the PRINCESS CARRIAGE is just STUNNING!!!
For those of you who get the LETS MAKE CARDS magazine check us out in SHOP TALK, we've even got our piccy in there, I did ask them to airbrush us, obviously they forgot.
I'm on a countdown for Florida, I'm taking my trusty laptop so I'll keep you updated of my holiday shananigans (your request, not mine, I'd like to add) It seems you loved my CHICAGO updates.
We've also taken delivery of the NEW IMAGINISCE FAIREST OF THEM ALL range, for all you BIG and LITTLE PRINCESSES out there.
We have a massive order on route from AUSTRALIA with some fantastic new designs from KAISER, I'll let you know when it's arrived.
I'd like to say a great BIG CONGRATS to the lovely LISA …

6 Weeks of fun!

Wow, Six weeks flew by! I am talking about the beginners course that has just finished. We had 2 groups of lovely ladies all eager to learn their new hobby. Some had done scrapbooking before but came along to learn some new techniques and some were complete virgins!
There were some complete light bulb moments, like when some of the ladies actually discovered that journaling was therapeutic and started journals to write all there memories ready for when they do their pages. There were also funny moments like when one of the Tuesday night ladies stitched her stitching template onto the page! Oh and who could for get those wonderful cupcakes that Sue baked for our last session - yum yum! Thank you ladies for being really super, you were a pleasure to teach. Don't forget to register on the web site and look out in your inbox for a update on the Off the Page course.
Now to the next 6 weeks of beginners which starts tomorrow......

Nina x