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Showing posts from February 20, 2013

SUCH FUN......

I absolutely adore going away with the WOW guys....admittedly it's hard work, but the fun we have ... sure makes up for it.

Here's Richard and Archie (the owners of WOW) giggling away like schoolboys :)

Here's Steve from WOW....this guy is THE funniest bloke you'll ever meet, his wit is so quick, you just can't be anything other than happy around him :)

This little guy (Alberto) has nothing to do with WOW..apart from the fact that he was our server in the Italian restaurant ....oooo young man !!!!! Just thought I'd get his picture on here !!!

You all know the lovely Nina....oh we did have a giggle

The thing is I can't even remember what was said that made me laugh so much !!!

Here's the lovely Ingrid and Anita from the Netherlands...these girls were hilarious...their personalities were infectious..thanks girls for such fun !!!

Anyway....our main reason for going, was (apart from having fun), buying some new yummies for the shop and YES we did. We…