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This month for Fantastic Ribbons we were asked to do something re: Christmas Home Decor.....and....well...OK this may not be exactly home decor, but it is decorative and in my I thought it counts !!!

Every Christmas I promise myself I'm going to get organised, but with a hefty work load and my brain just not what it used to be, I'm finding myself writing things down more - So, what could be nicer than jotting down all my christmas notes, recipes and tips in this gorgeous little note pad and furthermore with all those yummy ribbons hanging off of it, I'm going to find it easily, The photo's not brill (sorry Kirsty) but if you look closely you can see that I've taken a length of ribbon and about a third up folded it back on itself to make a loop, this gives it a nice bit of dimension, layer each piece up and there you have it....Now to fill in my first page.
Hugs Marion xxx