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Is all about Ally Pally, it's our chance to 'bring" our shop to you :) :)
We still have hundreds of papers and goodies left in the shop, but we have striped it in places to take to the Pally... We just want to share the love :) :)
Already the NEW moulds have been a massive hit..TASH-TASTIC !!

We're going to be showing you how to become WOW takes your creating to another level :) :)
We've also got re-stocks of all the NEW Smash, this will take Center stage at the show, you're gonna LOVE the kits, we're taking bets on what's going to sell out first ... Moulds/WOW or Smash !!!
We also got re-stocks of the fabulous Sparkle all you glitter lovers can see this in the truly is spectacular, there's nothing like it on the market :) :)

Here's a few to choose from. What's your favourite colour ? Have you tried mixing it ? Oh the possibilities !!!
So if you're coming to the Pally and think 'oh I'll see S…