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....All safe and sound.

Got to say, in all my years of flying, I have never been on such an empty plane, obviously to do with the fact that it was going to Boston, but out of our cabin of 36 seats there were 7 of us !!!!

Anyhoos, the sun is shining and we had a quick trip to Target, where I couldn't resist these...

The photo doesn't do them justice, the colours are gorgeous and they've got such a fine tip...LOVE !!!
We went to the Cheesecake Factory yesterday, it was Richards' first time, he was a bit overwhelmed, but loved it. I meant to take a photo, but as usual remembered AFTER I'd eaten it !!!
The classes start today, it's all getting a bit exciting, the retailers are very lucky, the goodie bags alone are amazing !!
Off to breakfast now, I'll try and get some picci's late and post tomorrow.
Hugs xxx

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