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Well it's the last day of the show....#sad sad sad face
to say we've had a laugh has been an understatement , it's been an absolute blast, and as I've felt a bit let down by shows in the past, I didn't give myself any preconceptions for this one ! But boy, they ALL pulled it off and I've got to say it's been one of the best for ages......
So what trends are we seeing ????
Well, canvas, I'm so pleased to say is big, along with naturals and LOTS of mixed media.... YAY !!! flowers are still MASSIVE and there's so many ways to make them, all the companies are in on them, especially the spiral ones, Including Spellbinders who have released a fabbi die for doing just that!!
There's some great vintage lines out there (and soon to be at Sugar and Spice) !!
The Smash line is really super (coming soon) !! And some great art journalling Prods!!
Dress forms are MASSIVE and birds/cages are still in there :)
We've got a few NEW companies joining us. #soexci…