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Well, I finally went back to work on Tuesday, although it has felt like I never even left, oh that's maybe because I didn't !!!!!
THANK YOU for all the lovely comments we've had these last couple of days, it's made all the HARD WORK worthwhile, and boy it was hard work!!!
I've been updating the website (adding more goodies), ordering in more goodies (don't tell Ricky, I promised "I wouldn't buy another thing") I do believe my fingers were crossed behind my back at the time! and DESIGNING a new cardmaking class, yes I've finally got my finger out, I was up at 5 this morning and sketched out some designs and so far so good, it's going to be all about CIRCLES.... hey Maggie if you're reading this I may even throw in a SQUARE RADIUS. LOL!!!
Nina's got some fantastic classes out, she's left me and Polly standing...... we'll have to hang our heads in shame.
I've now found my lead for the camera so I'll try and get some piccy&…