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Cupcakes ............with love

Here we go, my first post on sugar and spice..............................I hope you like it!I couldn't resist playing with some lovely cupcake stamps this week - what is it about cupcakes us girls just love. These fabulous set of stamps have individual componants that allow you to build your cake, also includes numbers and birthday phrases
I love using acetate at the moment in my cards and especially layouts, great to stamp on to but enables you to still peak through to what is going on behind.

This is my other little favourite thing of the month glue pad. Use it in exactly the same as an ink pad with your stamps and then add glitter .....................wonderful!
The stamps I've used in my card project are from Sugar and Spice and called Happy Birthday With a Cherry on the Top, look out for them they are just fab!
Finally finished the card by covering the inside of the card with cupcake backing paper. Keep watching for other DT posting to follow very soon............…


WOW...What fun we had this weekend...Saturday was the ALL DAY BANANA FROG day and judging by the comments afterwards everyone LOVED IT, they all learnt new techniques, they got to keep a complete set of BANANA FROG stamps along with other goodies supplied by SUGAR AND SPICE...AND they all lost about 4lb in weight due to the HEAT. Well done girls!!! and WELL DONE BEV. there were times I thought you looked like you were going to pass out, hence running up bottles of water to you and trying to keep your temperature down with Tea and Coffee, and like a true professional you kept going, YAY !!!

Considering their were 19 of you in that room AND it was one of the hottest days you were all FANTASTIC.

From everyone that I spoke to, you ALL said you would love to do it again (Maybe next time we'll choose a winter month) a true testament to a great day. In fact I think the best testament was that one special lady flew all the way down from Scotland for the event, THANK YOU.
BUT...the fun didn&#…


What a lovely surprise I had today.
After receiving a few deliveries of Yummy New Goodies, another little delivery guy comes trotting in holding a rather large package. After confirming that I am the recipient he puts down the package, I sign and he leaves. It's funny, because I just look at the package thinking "oooh what can that be and who from" INSTEAD of just opening it and finding out straight a way!!! why do we do that?....Anyway, When I DID open it I was greeted with 12 GORGEOUS looking muffins.

I know, I know there's only 11 in the photo, but I had to try one...just to check they were real. OK I know you're not buying that, but I'm sticking to it!!
Anyway a great big THANK YOU goes to JANET and MILLIE, it was a real pleasure working with MILLIE, she's such a sweetie.
Big hugs xxx


Yes it's that time of the month that I get together with my friend and shopping confidant Lyn. This time we hit Bluewater and what a lovely day we had, obviously it included purchasing pretty things and eating tasty things.
As usual the tasty things included GARLIC BREAD and the pretty things included SHOES..and with a HEEL....ooh get me! After treking around for 6 hours and picking out bits and pieces our last stop was M & S....
In my search for a particular item of clothing I went upto a lady and asked her if this was the only floor that womenswear was on, she looked at me quizically and said "Uh" I repeated the question and she replied "toilets ? over there" So I asked the question one more time, saying it very slowly, and this time she understood me and replied "Yes, only this floor", "Thank -you" I replied, to which she replied "I don't work here, but your welcome". After being mortified, we couldn't stop laughing to…


....Of things to come.
Following the previous post, you'll be aware that we now have our NEW DESIGN TEAM. They will be filling your heads with ideas, inspiration, tips and techniques, we had a meeting the other night and some of the things coming your way are just GREAT, we hope you'll agree. They will be starting their posts from the 1st July....So to wet your appetite here's a little quickie that we did in a class recently.

Using the IN A WORD stamps, stamp onto white card stock and cut out using the Spellbinders Nestibilities LABELS 1, then cut another (next size up) in black and mount using foam pads. The flower was made by inking up the flower from the MADE WITH LOVE AND LAUGHTER set and before stamping in onto your white cardstock take a flourish stamp, I used PI Swirls and Flourishes set 2, and stamp onto the flower stamp, in effect "kissing" the two stamps together and give it a little wiggle, then you can stamp the flower out and you will have your pattern…


We're pleased to announce the results of the SUGAR AND SPICE DESIGN TEAM ...Drum Roll please....









We hope you'll welcome them and check out their projects that they are going to share with you on the blog from the 1st July
As usual, we're still having to do a few tweeks here and there, generally computer stuff and photos, you know what it's like!!! But we'll get there.


A lot of peeps popping into the shop have been looking at this kaiser album longingly. It was a total pleasure to make! It pairs up two of my favourite scrapbooking manufacturers ~ kaiser and american crafts. So we are running it as a class on Sunday the 26th of July. This will be an all day class with a little house card too.

It's a great class to relax too and if you've felt daunted by filling a shaped album before, don't be! Come and join us on the 26th of July from 10am to around 4pm. The cost is £30.

See you there,


The trouble with hubby having the same day off as you is that you end up going shopping...right???
Well we ended up at lakeside on Monday, we had to go in the Apple Store and it seemed a shame to go all that way and NOT have lunch at Cafe Rouge, we came out with rather full bellies and smelling incredibly bad of GARLIC, we had to walk past M & S and out of the corner of my eye I spotted these little babies

Fell in love with them and decided to give them a home. Yes that's right, nestled among the loveliness are the M & S Raspberry and White Chocolate CUPCAKES. Oh boy!!! would you believe me if I said they were horrible?? No did'nt think so, so I won't lie, they were absolutely GORGEOUS.
While were on the subject of cakes.....Momma Muff did it again, honestly, she gets better every week...this week it was Raspberry, Fresh Cream and Meringue. Needless to say they were SIMPLY DIVINE.

Sunday was Polly's Flower Frenzy Class, and whilst the ladies on the morning class we…


This month's BLOG FOLLOWER winner is .........WEASEL.
Well done WEASEL, just send us your address details and we'll whizz some stash off to you.
See it's worth becoming a BLOG get FREE STUFF !!!